Redbacks and Trojan Tools Ltd are pleased to announce that they have signed an exclusive deal for the supply and distribution of Redbacks Knee Pads to the Engineering Distribution Trade.

If foam could evolve it would become Redbacks™

Redbacks have been scientifically proven to outperform foam kneepads by Professor N Chockalingam of Staffordshire University

Award winner Occupational PPE 2012

REDBACKS™ cushioning technology was developed as a response to the appalling level of knee damage in the world. Despite the wide availability of kneepads workmen still suffered knee wear and injuries; in the UK alone the NHS replace 80,000 knees per year doubling in the past 10 years. There was a need to invent a new kneepad and not just a throw away item.

Click here and below for an independent review of Redbacks™ kneepads by Wayne de Wet


• REDBACKS™ the only kneepad in the world to contain leaf-spring cushioning technology

• Protects and cushions the knee for even long lasting comfort

Leaf spring technology dissipates weight reducing pressure on the knee

Patented worldwide

CE approved (CE5574 EN 14404-2004 + A1:2010 Type 2 Level 1)

Significantly outperforms and outlasts all foam and gel kneepads

REDBACKS™ has a soft matrix structure which protects the knee from cold or hard surfaces

100% recyclable

Offers an all round performance that no other kneepad for work trousers can compare with

REDBACKS™ uses soft rubberised materials for 100% memory, without loss of function

Offers an abrasive resistant cover which helps prevent objects from penetrating the knee

Dry cleanable, washable, and waterproof with NO need to remove from trousers

Curved to fit around the knee, placing the knee in the correct position to reduce pressure on the ankle

REDBACKS™ have been laboratory tested at Staffordshire University and show the knee is immediately protected, reducing the chance of short and long term damage to the knee joints. Ref: Prof N.Chockalingam

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